About Tova - Let me introduce myself!

I am an artist a photographer, and a wife and mother to four wonderful children ages 3,5,13,and 16. I am also the Program Chair for the Ivy Tech State College Medical Assiting Program in Fort Wayne Indiana. Please enjoy my portfolio selections.

Please note that I have intentionally lowered resolution on many of the art pieces and photographs to discourage printing of my original works. In addition to this site have online course material that is available for viewing. Please contact me to obtain a guest password to the Ivy Tech Secure BB5 Server.

My commercial portfolio and presentation is being retained as I am in the process of obtaining additional permission agreements from several hospital and pharmacy sites.

This is home for me - where I enjoy spending time with my children and relaxing when I am away from Ivy Tech.

Bangor Maine,State Park Maine loons at dusk near Bangor in the summer. We stopped by to enjoy the lake as the sun was setting.
Autumn at Chain-O-Lakes State Park in Albion. Fall at Chain-o-Lakes
The path in the Yellow Wood This reminds me so much of the Robert Frost Poem, Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood.
This is my most favorite of all places on earth. I played under the protective arms of this mulberry for most of my childhood! The mulberry on the sandbar