The Word Document below contains blank notes that these lectures are based off of.
Some changes may have been made over the years, or the instructor may have added or removed examples during her lecture.
The text for this course is Pearson's "Introductory and Intermediate Algebra" by Lial, Hornsby, mcGinnis. Thank you for allowing us to use examples from this text.
A special thanks to Kristin Oakes for creating these pencasts!

Note Packet Math 023 (Word Doc)

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MATH 023 1.3 Real Numbers
MATH 023 1.7 lecture
MATH 023 2.3 Equations
MATH 023 2.4 part one Story Problems
MATH 023 2.4 part 2 Story Problems
MATH 023 2.5 Geometry Story Problems
MATH 023 2.6 Inequalities
MATH 023 5.1-5.3 Polynomials
MATH 023 Exponents/Polynomials 5.5-5.6

For Alternative Chapter 6 notes, see the math 035/043 pencasts, accessible from the previous page.

MATH 023 6.1-6.2 Factoring
MATH 023 6.5-6.6 lecture
MATH 023 6.7 lecture

For Alternative Chapter 3 notes, see the math 035/043 pencast linear equations review, accessible from the previous page.

Graphing Basics
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Finding Equations of a Line
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Practice Final
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