The Word Document below contains blank notes that these lectures are based off of.
Some changes may have been made over the years, or the instructor may have added or removed examples during her lecture.
The text for this course is Pearson's "Introductory and Intermediate Algebra" by Lial, Hornsby, McGinnis 4th edition. Thank you for allowing us to use examples from this text.
Math 035 will not be offered after Summer 2014, Math 043 becomes Math 100 as of Fall 2014.
A special thanks to Rebecca Wulf for creating these pencasts!

Note Packet Math 035 (Word Doc)

Note Packet Math 043 (Word Doc)

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8.1 Inequalities
8.2 Compound Inequalities
8.3 Absolute Value
3.4 Linear Equations Review
3.5 Linear Inequalities (x, y)
3.6 Functions
4.1 Linear Systems
4.2 Systems of Equations (Substitution)
4.3 Systems (Elimination)
4.4 Applications of Systems
Ch 5 Polynomial review add.mult
Review of Exponents
5.6 Divide by Monomial
5.7 Dividing Polynomials
6.1 Factoring with GCF
6.2 Factoring Trinomials 1
6.3 Factoring Trinomials (coeff not 1)
6.5 Special Cases of Factoring
6.7 Solving by Factoring
6.8 Applications of Factoring
7.1 Rational Expressions
7.2 Add Rationals
7.3 Complex Fractions
7.4 Rational Equations
7.5 FormulasApplications
9.1 Radical Expressions
9.2 Rational Exponents
9.3 Simplify Radicals
9.4 AddSubtract Radicals
9.5 Rationalize
9.6 Solving Radical Eqns
9.7 Complex Numbers
10.1 Square root prop
10.2 Completing the square
10.3-10.4 Quadratic Equations
10.4-10.5 Quadratic Applications
10.6-10.7 Quadratic Graphs and Apps
Practice Final Odds

Ch 11 Inverse, Exponential, Log

Below are practice tests from this course
035 Practice test 1: Factoring
Answers to Factoring Practice test
Practice test 1: Rational Equations and Expressions
Answers to Practice test 1
Practice test 2: Roots and Radicals
Answers to Practice test 2
Practice test 3: Quadratic Equations and Applications
Answers to Practice test 3
Practice test 4: Inequalities, Absolute Value, Systems of Equations, Linear Equations, Functions
Answers to Practice test 4
Practice Final
Practice test on Logarithms