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Old Math 015 Notes and Lectures Math 015 concentrates on basic operations with fractions, integers,exponents, proportional reasoning, basic linear and literal equations, algebraic expressions, and linear graphs. Includes a variety of applications of these topics.

Math 023 Notes and Lectures Math 023 reviews signed numbers and basic linear equations. Concentrates on integer exponents, scientific notation, linear equations and inequalities, literal equations, polynomial operations, polynomial factoring, graphing linear equations, and applications.

Math 100 Notes (previously Math 035 or 043) and Lectures Math 035/043/100 reviews basic operations of polynomials, linear equations and inequalities, and graphing linear equations. An in-depth study of factoring algebraic expressions, properties of rational equations, systems of equations, rational exponents and radicals, quadratics and functions and their graphs.

Math 123 Examples Math 123 will replace 118 as of Spring 2015. Introduces students to the mathematics required for informed citizenship, decision making, reasoning from evidence, working with real world data, and effective communication. Students will solve problems using proportional reasoning, percentages, rates of change, linear and exponential models with applications from statistics and finance.

Old Math 118 Lectures Math 118 is a brief survey of college mathematics. Real-world approaches, present mathematical concepts of measurement, proportion, interest, equations, inequalities and functions, probability and statistics.

Chem 101 Examples Chem 101 is an introductory course that includes the science of chemistry and measurement, atomic theory and the periodic table, chemical bonding, equation writing and balancing, stoichiometry, gases and acids/bases.

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