Nancy Measell, BS, CMA
Medical Assisting
Classes Taught:
MEA 105 is the Administrative Medical Assisting with computer applications. This class covers the front office procedures, including answering the phones, making appointments, medical records, filing, etc. Each task covered is actually done in the classroom in a simulation setting.MEA106MEA 106 is the Financial Management with computer applications course. This class covers any tasks related to the financial side of the medical practice, including payroll, collections, posting payments and procedures and banking. The last part of this class involves working a computer software program to emphasize the tasks learned in both MEA 105 and MEA 106.
MEA137MEA 137 is the Basic Insurance class that covers a general overview of insurance in the medical office. We use coding books to locate procedures and diagnoses and then complete claim forms for filing to the patient's insurance company. General information about insurance carriers is also included in this course.
MEA238MEA 238 is the Clinical 1 class. This class is the beginning course to the different tasks done in the clinical area of the medical office. We will learn such things as: handwashing, medical aseptic techniques, sterilization and disinfection, vital signs, the patient examination process and medical records. Learning to document in medical records is a very important feature of this class.
MEA299MEA 299 is the capstone class. This is the CMA Review class that provides a general overview of the entire curriculum for medical assisting. At the end of your program, you have the opportunity to take a national exam to become credentialed as a CMA. This course will review with you through all of the courses and enable you to prepare for the CMA exam. There are several instructors that provide material under this one course. It is very valuable to obtain your credential and this is a course that will help you to do that.
Biographical Information:I have been an intructor at IVY TECH since 1991. Prior to that, I worked in local physician's offices as a medical assistant. I have a kitty named Molly who knows she is my child. CATS RULE! I attend a local church and lead a ministry that helps to feed the homeless at Hope Rescue Mission.

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Science with a major in psychology with a minor in both Sociology and Secondary Education. After graduation, I married and moved from South Caroloina to Maryland. At that time, I got a job at an insurance carrier assisting clients to better understand their insurance. My husband was earning his Doctorate and upon completion of that, we moved again to a small town in Virginia. I decided to go back to school to this new program called Medical Assisting. I earned my Associate's Degree in medical assisting and earned my CMA credential. Shortly after that, we moved again to South Bend, IN. and my life changed dramatically.

After working in several medical offices and specialties, I had an opportunity to teach a medical assisting class at another school. I was still working and pretty soon the shift from working full-time as a medical assistant and teaching started to shift where I began to teach more classes and work less in the medical office ( this was my first love after all). Now, I teach full-time exclusively.

I am very active in my professional organization for medical assistants called the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). We meet monthly in South Bend and strongly encourage students to become active from the beginning of the program.

I look forward to meeting you in the classroom and seeing you progress through your educational life at IVY TECH COMMUITY COLLEGE. The medical assisting program here is well-acknowledged in the medical community in South Bend and surrounding areas. We have a high success rate for the graduates of our program and take pride in your success!

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