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Executive Dean

Randy Maxson is the Executive Dean at the Warsaw campus.  He is also the contact person for Disabilities Services.  Contact Randy by email at rmaxson@ivytech.edu or call 574-267-5428 ext. 6111 to make an appt.

Administrative Assistant to the
Executive Dean Office Manager

Sharon Meerzo can help you with:  Business Office matters Problems Emergencies Incidents Appointment with the Dean Customer Services Issues.  Contact Sharon at the campus or call 574-267-5428 ext. 6111.  Her email is smeerzo@ivytech.edu


Debra Paul is the Healthcare Coordinator.  She will advise for:  RN LPN Dental Assistant Medical Assistant Medical Lab Tech Paramedic Surgical Tech Respiratory Care Radiology Physical Therapist.  To contact her: call 574-267-5428 to make an appointment or email her at dpaul@ivytech.edu or her extension is 6117. Collette Ellinghouse is the General Education Coordinator.  She is the advisor for:  Biotechnology General Studies Liberal Arts Transfer classes.  Contact Linda by calling 574-267-5428 ext. 6135 or email her at  cellingh@ivytech.edu   come to the campus.
Mary Marty is the Associate Director of Admissions.  She can advise for: Early Childhood Education CNA -QMA Undecided Hospitality Aviation Construction Technology Environmental Design Visual Communications Public Safety Mortuary Science Human Services Criminal Justice.  Contact Mary by calling 574-267-5428 to make an appt. or email her at mmarty@ivytech.edu Nancy Brown is the Coordinator for Accounting and Business Administration. She will advise for:  Accounting Business Administration Paralegal Office Administration.  Contact Nancy by calling 574-267-5428 ext. 6137 or make an appt. in the office.  You can email her at nbrown@ivytech.edu
Nancy's faculty website is at http://faculty.ivytech.edu/~nbrown
Chris Morr is the Technology Division Coordinator.  He can advise you for:  Automotive CNC Industrial including Electricians Facilities Maintenance HVAC Industrial Machine Repair Millwright Mold/Die Maker Pattern Repairer Design Technology Electronics and Computer Plumber/Pipe Fitter Sheet Metal Stationary Power Plant Tool Maker Manufacturing Technology Recreational Vehicle Welding.  To contact him, call 574-267-5428 ext. 6125 or email  cmorr@ivytech.edu Lauran Sattler Coordinator for Computer Information Systems/Computer Information Technology program Internet Courses
She can advise students in:  PC Support Networking Web Site Development Programming Database Administration - Security as well as Volunteer Work with Non-Profits
Contact Lauran at the CIS department website  http://faculty.ivytech.edu/~lsattler  or her email is lsattler@ivytech.edu or call 574-267-5428 and speak with Deb Woods to make an appt.

Administrative Staff

Aaron Sattler is the Night Desk Clerk.  See him for Information Assistance in the evening. Contact him by visiting the Student Affairs office or calling him at 574-267-5428 ext. 6312.  His email is asattler@ivytech.edu

Mary Marty is Associate Director of Admissions.  See her for:  Admissions assistance, registration, liaison with high schools and all high school-age students.  She also serves as advisor.  Contact her call 574-267-5428 ext. 6110 or mmarty@ivytech.edu 
Janet McFarren is Student Affairs Administrative Assistant.  See her for:  Admissions Registration assistance Transcripts. Contact her by calling 574-267-5428 ext. 6212 or email her at jmcfarre@ivytech.edu or come to the office. Lori Roe is the Associate Director of Financial Aid.  See her for:  Financial Aid Student Government Student Leadership Academy.  Contact her by email lroe@ivytech.edu or call 574-267-5428 ext. 6109 or come to the campus.

Deb Woods is the Receptionist and she can help with:  Directing your phone call - Appointments Information - Tuition payments Student IDs   Messages Copies.   Contact her at dwoods@ivytech.edu or call 574-267-5428 ext. 6100 or come to the campus.


Sheryl Garthee is the Bookstore Manager.  See her for:  Books, Supplies, Clothing and Parking Tags.  Normally, the bookstore hours are 10:30-2:00 and 3-6 pm Monday  and Wednesday, Thursday 12-2 and 3-6  Thursday. Closed Tuesday and Friday.  When a new semester begins, the bookstore will have extended hours which will be posted or call 574-267-5428 ext. 6124 or email her at sgarthee@ivytech.edu

Students taking Internet courses order book through the http://bookstore.ivytech.edu link

Department of Workforce and Economic Development

Melissa Denton is Project Manager for the Department of Workforce and Economic Development.  See her for:  Corporate Training Continuing Education Workforce Certification (preparation and testing) Phi Theta Kappa.  Contact Melissa by calling 574-267-5428 ext. 6129, or email her at mdenton@ivytech.edu

Jessica Prater is the Administrative Assistant for the Department of Workforce and Economic Development.  See her for:  Workforce related training and Certifications, primarily non-credit.  Call 574-267-5428 ext. 6128 or email her at jprater@ivytech.edu or come to the campus.

Information Technology Support

Kathy Perry is the Computer Technician.  See her for: Computer related issues.  To contact Kathy, email her at kperry@ivytech.edu or call 574-267-5428 ext. 6134 or come to the campus.

Alex Houze is our Computer Assistant. He can help with any computer related problem or question.  His email is ahouze@ivytech.edu

Academic Skills Advancement Support

Cindy Leininger is Academic Administrative Assistant.  She can help new students with Tutoring Study Groups Computer Based Learning (self paced practice in writing and math).  To contact her, call 574-267-5428 ext. 6515 or email her at cleininger3@ivytech.edu


Tim Keyes is the Librarian and Test Center Coordinator.  See him for:  Library needs Placement Evaluation (Compass) testing Test proctoring.  Contact Tim by calling 574-267-5428 ext. 6201 or email him at tkeyes@ivytech.edu  or come to the campus library. 

Ann Galvin is the Library Assistant.  She provides assistance with Compass, proctored exams, Campus Connect questions, and other library requests.  See her in the campus library or call 257 5428 ext. 6200.   Her email is mgalvin1@ivytech.edu

Cathy Mullett is our Library/Lab Assistant. She provides assistance with proctored exams, Asset testing, Campus Connect questions, and other technical requests.  Contact her  at 267 5428 ext. 6200.  Her e-mail is  cmullett1@ivytech.edu 


Student Government Association (SGA)

          2006-2007 Officers
Stacy Rhodes, President
           Judy Swick,  Advisor

 Phi Theta Kappa
Melissa Denton, Faculty Advisor

 Student Leadership Academy (SLA)
            Lori Roe, Advisor

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