I began my educational career like most students at Ivy Tech Community College, in a two-year college setting. It was there I earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Electronics. My first exposure to computers was actually on a main frame computer. So, much of my study in the computer field is now mostly outside of the college setting with a lot of hands-on experience.

I began my teaching career as an adjunct faculty member in a two-year college June 1975. I will complete 31 years at Ivy Tech this August, and 39 years in the classroom June, 2014. I started teaching high school full time in 1977 after leaving my job with Ma Bell. It was during this time I went back into the university setting and earned a B.S. in Vocational Education. In 1983 I moved to Southern Indiana and began my career with Indiana Vocational Technical College
(now Ivy Tech Community College) as the Program Chair of the Electronics Technology program. Currently I am the Department Chair of the Computer Information Systems,  Computer Information Technology and Information Security programs. During my early tenure with Ivy Tech I completed my Master of Science degree in Education.

In the past I have also developed curriculum and courses for various companies such as Ford Motor Company, Rohm & Haas, Holm Industries, General Electric, and many other companies.

I also hold various certifications in electronics, radio & television broadcasting, and in the computer field ad networking field.

In my spare time I develop web sites, occasionally fly 2- and 4-seater aircraft such as the Cessna and Piper Cherokee aircraft, and I train personnel in radio communications as well as emergency services in search and rescue operations.