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1. Feel free to call my Cell Phone when Email is not sufficiently fast!

2. My Online office hours are during regular (check Ivy Advising) office hours and in the evenings until 10:00pm (Blackboard IM). If you see me there, feel free to say ‘Hello!’.

4. My Face-2-Face office hours are generally:

Mon: Muncie in the morning, Anderson in the afternoon

Tues: Marion class in the morning. Muncie class in the afternoon.

Wed: Anderson all day & evening

Thurs: Meetings & Online class work at home.

Fri: Anderson in the morning, Muncie class in the afternoon

You can get Blackboard IM in Blackboard in “Communication”.

For a face-2-face appointment, “Ivy Advising” to make an appointment OR call the School of Business Assistant at ext 1712!

Welcome to my website

It’s time to ”take our vorpal sword in hand, long time the manxsome foe we’ve sought!”. It IS time we face the foe! It might feel overwhelming right about now, but the victory is in sight! This isn’t just school, it’s LIFE! How you face this adversary will speak about how you will do when you “get out”! REMEMBER that if you do your best and utilize the resources available, YOU CA NOT FAIL!  Learn to set your targets at a “reachable” distance, then GO FOR IT! The vorpal blade will go snicker-snack. You will leave it (your fear) dead and with its head, you’ll go gallumphing back. We WILL have a “frabjuous” semester and “chortle in our joy” (Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky, 1871)

The Jabberwock!

We have just worked out a deal with eFollett for our students to purchase Windows 2013 PROFESSIONAL (yep, WITH Access) for around $90; NOT at the online bookstore, but at your local eFollett store on your Ivy Tech campus. Don’t miss out on this great deal.

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The Admins: Lab Asst. News Important Notice!

To view the tutorial movies on the class pages, you might need the latest version of “QuickTime”.You can Download it free here!


10.31.13: Because of new class needs, we are shuffling rooms and equipment around like crazy. We hope you will be patient during the inconvenience.

Updated: 10/28/13

10.31.13: Be watching for an announcement concerning the 2nd annual School of Business Guest Speaker Series. We had over 100 attendees last year

10.31.13: Make sure you take advantage of the computer tutoring at all three Region 6 campuses. Refer to the Lab Asst. Page.

10.27.13: Spring Semester is close at hand! The CINT/INSE program has experienced a small  increase over Fall 2012. You need to speak with your advisor (If you haven’t already) about next semester! Get Registered! It’s always been a last minute scramble for classes. “Things” are gonna start moving REAL fast now! Don’t get behind. Make sure you contact me if you’re my student, and say hello! And when it seems like CHAOS ~ Never forget: You WANT some CHAOS. It’s your partner and your friend! IT NEEDS you IF you can ‘THRIVE in the  CHAOS’. If everyone thrived in it, no one would need you! WE WANT YOU! Employers want you!

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