Stephen Smith’s Ivy Tech Digital Portfolio

Certified Quality Engineer

Certified Quality Manager of Organizational Excellence

Captain of the 30th Indiana Civil War Reenactors


My decision to pursue this degree is based on a long term commitment to education and a desire to finish the first part of an Engineering Degree. My current employer, Biomet, manufactures Medical Devices and Implants. My previous education at Purdue University started my journey. From that education with a business degree I did learn computer programming and basic computer skills, I did have to learn various CAD software, currently using NXs, and the Office suite of systems. As my training has covered the Electrical Engineering, the majority of my work is Mechanical Engineering in Nature. I very much enjoy the EE classes for that is a hobby of mine and I like doing my own electrical work. The Mechanical courses dealing with Materials, METC 143, and the Statics Course, DESN 221 will be very helpful in my future work at Biomet and any other Medical Manufacturer. As a Quality Engineer I need to understand the materials, methods of manufacture so that I can develop was to inspect parts so that the best product is produced with a reasonable amount of Inspection time.

The Web site has been prepared to help you view the work I have completed in the classes I have taken. I also hope that if you are not currently taking classes that this may help to inspire you to do so.

Stephen Smith