Roeback's Educational Portfolio

This webpage was created to track my educational progress throughout my Engineering Technology Degree.
Links will be available as classes are taken and time permits site writing.

Courses Taken

Six Sigma (Fall 2011)

Introduction to Engineering Technology [METC106] (Summer 2013)

English Composition [ENGL111] (Spring 2013)

Remedial Math [MATH023-043] (Spring 2013)

New Student Seminar [IVYT120] (Spring 2013)

College Algebra [MATH136] (Summer 2013)

Introduction to MicroComputers [CINS101] (Fall 2013)

Fundamentals of Public Speaking [COMM101] (Fall 2013)

CAD Fundamentals [DESN103] (Fall 2013)

Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry [MATH137] (Fall 2013)

Computing Logic [CINS113] (Spring 2014)

Introduction to Electronics and Projects [EECT101] (Spring 2014)

Introduction to Circuit Analysis [EECT111] (Spring 2014)

Materials and Processes [METC143] (Spring 2014)

Introduction to Philosphy [PHIL101] (Summer 2014)

Physics I [PHYS101] (Summer 2014)

Principles of Macroeconomics [ECON201] (Fall 2014)

Digital Fundamentals [EECT112] (Fall 2014)

Portfolio Preparation [ENGT279] (Fall 2014)

Calculus for Technology I [MATH221] (Fall 2014)

Statics [METC111] (Fall 2014)

Future Classes [Scheduled] (Spring 2015)