Upcoming Spring 2015 Semester

Iím looking forward to the upcoming Spring 2015 semester, after which I should have completed all the requirements for my Associateís of Science Degree in Engineering Technology. My plan is to continue forward towards my BSET degree at a part-time pace while working full-time or vice-versa. After looking into several schools that have an Engineering Technology Bachelorís program, Iím still undecided of which one I will attend.

I have applied and interviewed for a Supplemental Instructors position for MATH136, MATH137 and PHYS101. Iím hopeful I will be selected but uncertain whether or not it will work with my current educational plan.

Information on Supplimental Instruction

Upcoming Class Schedule:

3D Computer-Aided Design (DESN 220)

Technical Writing (ENGL 211)

Calculus for Technology II (MATH 222)

Physics II (PHYS 102)

Possible SI in MATH136, MATH137 or PHYS101

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