David's Digital Portfolio

Thank you for visiting my digital portfolio. This website will tell you a little bit about me, as well as some of the classes I've taken, and work I've done. Any questions or comments can be sent to dmrogers0@hotmail.com

About Myself
DESN-102 - Technical Graphics
DESN-103 - CAD Fundamentals
DESN-104 - Mechanical Graphics
DESN-106 - Descriptive Geometry
DESN-113 - Intermediate CAD
DESN-220 - Advanced CAD
DESN-221 - Statics
EECT-111 - Intro to Circuits Analysis
EECT-112 - Digital Fundamentals
ENGT-279 - Portfolio Preparation
MATH-137 - Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry
METC-106 - Intro to Engineering Technology
METC-143 - Materials and Processes
PHYS-101 - Physics I
PHYS-102 - Physics II