Ivy Tech Community College, Region 3 Faculty Assembly


Executive Committee

Membership is open to any faculty member of the college with a current teaching contract for that academic semester.

  • Members of the Committee must be full time faculty.
  • Executive Committee shall be elected by and from the faculty representatives by secret ballot with each candidate for each office being allowed to vote.
  • Each Committee member shall serve one year, except for the President who shall serve three one year terms consecutively: one term as President-elect, one term as President and one term as Past President.
  • Academic Dean (ex officio)


  • Representatives represent the faculty as a whole more than they represent their division, so the number of faculty represented in each division is not as necessary to consider.
  • Faculty will seek nominees for ballot from each division.
  • Three Representatives per division will be elected by secret ballot majority vote from faculty in their division.
  • The Representative's terms shall be:
    • 2 years for full time faculty
    • 1 year for adjunct faculty


  • Committees shall be formed to research, investigate and analyze information for various Faculty Assembly concerns and report their findings to the Executive Committee and Faculty Assembly.
  • Committees must meet at least twice during each fall and spring semester as the committee's purpose is warranted.
  • Representative shall serve on committees external to the Faculty Assembly with the purpose of having faculty representation on all decision making processes in the college.

List of Committees

Mission & Objectives