Professor Douglas J. Schauer


Program Chair for Chemical Technology

B.S. Chemistry, Drexel University

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Notre Dame

Professor Schauer's Research Page


Professor Schauer was raised in southern New Jersey and pursued his bachelor's degree at Drexel University in Philadelphia. While attending Drexel University he completed three internships at GlaxoSmithKline where he performed research in the Process and Radioanalytical Departments. Upon graduation, Schauer attended the University of Notre Dame, earning a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. His dissertation research focused on the develpment of new chemical reactions and the synthesis of anti-cancer targets.

At Ivy Tech, Schauer has developed a successful undergraduate research program that provides advanced laboratory training for students who are interested in strengthening their skills and their resumes. Many of these students present their work at local and national conferences where they are able to network with potential employers.

Courses Taught

Organic Chemistry I/II

Lectures in Organic Chemistry

Spectroscopic Methods

Chromatographic Methods

Enivonmental Chemistry


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