The boys: Sam, Jerry and George, Beta and Mumford
Sam Jerry George
Samuel (Winston) Bell was a Golden Retriever and was very well behaved and obeys hand and verbal commands. He loved tennis balls, he could actually lay on his back, balance a tennis ball in his two paws above his head and drop it into his mouth. He was Linda?s best friend. Sam died several years ago. Jerry (Seinfeld) Bell is a Labradoodle (Labrador/Poodle a new breed) and is not trained, I think he has the recessive genes of both breeds. He is loveable but will eat just about anything. Recently he ate a mechanical pencil and my watch. Don?t worry, he didn?t swallow the pencil and passed the watch wristband with no problems. Jerry is seven years old. George (Marley) Bell is a Golden Retriever and is not trained and can be a handful. He was a kennel dog that we rescued after Sam died. He loved to tease Jerry and steal the tennis ball from him. He is protective but playful and loves to sleep on his back with his legs sticking up in the air. George is almost three years old.
Beta Mumford
Beta Bell is a Beta fish. He gets his name from being a Beta fish and his name is equal to the current gain of a transistor. He has lived in TC1240R goes to his summer home in a travel Beta tank. He swims to the top of the tank to eat if you drop your keys on my desk. Mumford Tiberius Bell is a Lionhead rabbit that his a happy bunny. He is a sweet bunny that likes to run and jump. Sometimes he likes to be held and other times he just likes to run and chew.