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    Andy factoids:

  • Born Jan 1, 1954
  • My 3 brothers, sister, mom and dad all have the same first name initial "A"
  • Went to college on the GI Bill
  • My wife Linda is from NJ
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Hello, my name is Andrew G. Bell (Andy). I work at Ivy TechIvy Tech in Fort Wayne, Indiana as the Department Chair of the Engineering Programs. I worked at ITT GS ITT (Space Systems Division) in Fort Wayne, Indiana as an electrical engineer for the last 23 years. I have designed space electronics for POES and GOES which are Meteorological (weather) Satellites. Prior to ITT I worked at GE (for 6 years) in Pittsfield, MA on numerous defense related programs. I graduated from SMU (now UMass at Dartmouth) in 1982 with a BSEE and from RPI in 1985 with a MSE. I have a Greenbelt (2004) from the University of Michigan and a Black Belt (2010) in VBLSS from ITT. I have completed all the coursework for a PhD in Systems Engineering from Stevens Institute in Technology Stevens

I believe that the solutions too many of today's problems will require global and diverse support. This means that improved communication is needed to share ideas to improve the quality of life for all. The use of engineering concepts to solve problems is essential to the success in creating cheap and clean energy, safe water to drink and plentifully food. I also believe that that other cultures and people who can provide new insight into solving engineering problems.

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