Library Instruction Request

Use this form to request library instruction services for your classes on the Madison,Lawrenceburg and Batesville campuses. Please submit your request at least two weeks prior to the requested instruction date. You will receive confirmation by email, phone, or in person -- a request is not confirmed until a library staff member contacts you. If a librarian does not contact you within 3 working days, please call the library on your campus. If you have any other questions regarding library instruction, please contact Tim Renners, Library Director, 812-265-2580 x 4106. We look forward to working with you. (*Indicates required information)

  1. *From which campus library are you requesting instruction?

  2. *Course Instructor's Name:

  3. Email Address:

  4. *Telephone Number:

  5. *Course Name and Number:

  6. *Estimated Number of Students:

  7. *Please indicate your preferred date, day, & Time:

  8. Please indicate your second choice for date, day, and time:

  9. How long do you wish to spend on this session? (Average length is 50 minutes)

  10. *Have your students completed the Virtual Orientation presentation/tutortials? Please indicate which ones:
    Basic Library Research Workshop
    Overview of Virtual Libray
    IvyTILT: Start Smart
    IvyTILT: Choose a Topic
    IvyTILT: Using IvyCat
    IvyTILT: Finding articles
    IvyTILT: Using the Web
    IvyTILT: Citing Sources

  11. *As a follow-up to the Virtual Orientation presentations/tutorials, what database(s) would you like us to cover in your library session?
    IvyCat (online catalog)
    Lexis-Nexis Academic
    EBSCOHost (particual database)
    Health and Wellness
    Nursing Resouce Center
    Opposing Viewpoints
    SIRS Renaissance
    CQ Researcher
    Biography Resouce Center
    Lit Finder
    Literature Reference Center
    Gallup Brain
    Access Science
    Britannica Encyclopedia
    eBooks: General
    eBooks :Books 24x7
    eBooks: NetLibrary
    eBooks: ebrary
    eBooks; History eBook Project
    eBooks: Bartleby (free books)
    eBooks: Gutenberg (free books)
    eBooks: Online Books (free books)

  12. Students learn and retain most when they have a need to know. Therefore, library insturction is the most effective if it is scheduled when students will need to use the library resources to work on a class assignment. Is your request directly related to a course assignment? (If "no," skip next question.)

  13. Please describe briefly the nature of the assignment requiring library use: (Any requirements regarding types or number of resources to be used or citation styles would be appreciated, as well as any topics we could use for sample searches. If you have the assignment in writing and it is too lenghty to reproduce here, please bring a copy by the library or attach it to an email.)

  14. Please state any additional preferences you have for the type of instructional session we plan? (i.e. What do you hope your students will learn from this session?) If your class does not have a library-related assignment, please indicate what you will be studying at the time of your library session. [ If you have several sections of the same class, note addtional dates and times requested here, along with class size.]

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